One up.. Two on Deck.. Three in the Hole !


I. Saturday, August 16, 1980, Millay patio, 2729 North Arlington Heights Road 
The Paper Plate Kegger, The original eleven: Dave Millay, Troy Johnson, Volks, Terry Griffin, Ben Blanchard, Archie More, Tom More, Bob Eischen, Wayne Eischen, Gary Adelizzi, Wafe.

II. 1981, Millay patio, 2729 North Arlington Heights Road
(Photo of Ben & Hoffy getting Keg at Volume Liquors)

III. 1982, Millay patio, 2729 North Arlington Heights Road
Gear: First year of Kegger Wear-golden rod t-shirts designed by John Bernard.

IV. 1983, Millay Patio, 2729 North Arlington Heights Road.
Gear: Blue t-shirt designed by Volks

V. 1984, Millay Patio, 2729 North Arlington Heights Road.
Gear: White and red t-shirt with apple icon designed by Jeff Wrinkle. First year with JEM on shoulder in honor of Mr. Millay, who passed away earlier that summer.

VI. 1985, Millay Patio, 2729 North Arlington Heights Road.
Theme: “Millay Kegger Goes Hawaiian” Gear: Grey Shirt designed by Charles Moser and inspired by Weezie.

VII. 1986, Millay Patio, 2729 North Arlington Heights Road.
Gear: Blue Short Sleeve Polo Shirt. First year we introduced a collar. Designed by clotheshorse Weezie.

VIII. 1987, Millay patio, 2729 North Arlington Heights Road.
Gear: Surf shorts worn with random tops from previous years. Designed by Pierre Weezie.

IX. 1988, Mildred Freed’s Place, Rural Route One, Sycamore, IL
Host: Troy Johnson Gear: Blue Jackets designed by Troy Johnson; first year of outerwear. Highlights: Management committee was formed and decided the event would rotate between different hosts and locations.

X. 1989, Pine Crest Inn, Arlington Heights and Rand Roads
Theme: Dueling Keggers at the Whorehouse, Let’s do two Host: Volks Gear: White t-shirts for the vets; blue t-shirts for the challengers. First multiple Kegger race; first slide show.

XI. 1990, Rockin’ Robin’s Mill, Kenosha, WI
Theme: Do it in Dairyland, Just Drink It Host: Griff Gear: T-shirts Highlights: Introduction of the top ten lists of famous excuses for missing the Kegger.

XII. 1991, The Pumpkin Kegger, Port Barrington, IL
Host: Bob Hoffman Gear: Ugly orange sweatshirts depicting the “World’s Largest Twelve Pack”

XIII. 1992, Tim Millay’s residence, 1009 S. Grove Avenue, Barrington, IL 
Host: Timmy Gear: Long sleeve shirt, hat, and mug Highlights: First year with a full half barrel. Timmy didn’t know which size barrel to buy, so we counted 13 rounds.

XIV. 1993, Chuck Barr’s Farm, DeKalb, IL
Host: Troy Theme: Field of Dreams softball game in a cornfield-cut diamond Guest of honor: Shoeless Pauly Heesch, who emerged from the cornfield Gear: White Sox style baseball jerseys Hayride; sleep out at Timber Creek property; Griff, Pauly opt for a hotel room at the Super 8.

XV: 1994, Merle S. Guild American Legion Hall, Post 129, Arlington Heights, IL
October 8, 1994 Host: Volks Gear: Medallions handed out with initials: DPM, JEM, TPJ Highlights: Pre-game track meet at Arlington High School. Kegger event held on a custom-made Kegger stand.

XVI. 1995, Stardust Lanes, Addison, IL
Host: Griff Theme: Bowling Tournament Gear: Multi-colored bowling shirts

XVII. 1996, Moe B. Dick’s Bar, Crystal Lake, IL 
Host: Bob Hoffman Gear: Gray retrospective concert style t-shirt with all locations

XVIII. 1997, Splat Camp, Elkorn, WI
Theme: Paint Ball Kegger Host: Weezie Gear: Gray sweatshirt, blue t-shirt Highlights: Actual Kegger held in Timmy’s garage, W308 N7021, Club Circle East, Hartland, WI

XVIV. 1998, Jo Davies County Kegger, Camp Scales Mound, IL
Host: Troy Guest host: Dale Guerrattazz Helper: Jeff Hauth Theme: One of the few good men Gear: Golf shirts Highlights: 19-event skills competition; video of this event exists; first Kegger to feature live firearms.

XX. October 9, 1999, 123 S. Mitchell Avenue, Arlington Heights, IL
Theme: 20th Anniversary Edition, We’re goin’ back. Host: Volks Gear: Security Style “Ike” jackets Highlights: Museum constructed in Volks’ garage; Bus ride to Millay’s patio where Kegger event was held; paper plate invites.

XXI. 2000, Griffin residence, Inverness, IL 
Host: Griff Theme: Kegger.com Gear: Fleece vest Highlights: First online domain for the Dave Millay Kegger created. Pauly Heesch joined the festivities live via web cam from Florida.

XXII. 2001, Cary Indoor Golf, Cary, IL 
Host: Gary Theme: 22nd on the 22nd Actual Kegger held in Gary’s garage in Fox River Grove IL Highlights: First vegetable tray in the history of the Kegger; Famous quip by Bob Hoffman: “We should be taking a picture of you.”

XXIII. 2002, 9-hole Golf Tournament, Crystal Lake, IL
Host: Bob Hoffman Gear: Shorts Highlights: Post Kegger hot tub

XXIV. 2003, Paintball Dave’s Downtown Milwaukee, WI
Host: Tim Millay Theme: Indoor paintball competition Gear: White hat, black hat, long sleeve T Highlights: Actual Kegger held in Timmy’s garage, W308 N7021, Club Circle East, Hartland, WI

XXV. 2004, Lynch Road, DeKalb, IL 
Host: Troy Johnson Theme: 25th Silver Anniversary Kegger, 2004 Gear: Nike rip-off pullover Highlights: Skill’s competition featuring canoe racing, golf, pop-a-shot; Kegger event held at a secluded “Remote location” in the brush.

XXVI: 2005, 123 S. Mitchell Avenue, Arlington Heights, IL
Theme: World Series Kegger, 2005 Gear: 26th Anniversary letterman’s jackets designed by Volks Highlights: Event held in Volk’s garage where we watched the Sox beat the Astros in game one of the World Series; Latest Kegger ever, post-time 9PM

XXVII. 2006, Reimer Reservoir Park, Palatine, IL
Theme: Disc Golf Host: Griff Event: Crave bar, Arlington Heights Gear: Tan hat Special guest: Angela Casella

XXVIII, 2007, Johnson Farm, Lynch Road, DeKalb, IL
Host: Brian & Bob Combo Kegger Theme: Washer tournament Gear: Dry-fit sleeveless work-out shirt

XXIX. 2008, Barrington High School, Barrington, IL
Host: Weezee Theme: Wiffle Ball Gear: Baseball half-shirt, hat Highlights: Kegger event held at RSVP in Lake Barrington; Special guests included Jay Gaynor and Don Monson.

XXX. 2009, Alley 64 Bar, St. Charles, IL
Theme: 30th Annual Kegger Unofficial theme: The Cluster Fuck Kegger, Kegger by Committee Hosts: Weezee, et all Gear: Hat with Dave’s signature embroidered on the back, commemorative poster Highlights: Pre-game event was rained out; special guests included Mrs. Millay and Christine Millay.

XXXI. 2010, Johnson Farm, Lynch Road, DeKalb, IL
Host: Troy Johnson Unofficial theme: Kegger in the Black Gear: Handmade beer can holster Theme: 9-hole wiffle golf tournament Highlights: First profitable Kegger; leather holster was supposedly made by a native American woman; dinner consisted of “garbage can chicken stew,” served on a tarp without utensils. Special guest was Skip More.

XXXII. 2011, Kelly’s Pub, Chicago, IL
Host: Volks Theme: The Urban Kegger Gear: Open Tap beer shirts Highlights: The first Kegger to be held in an urban location; special guest Gary Carter was reported missing by end of the night; Jack Volkman received the honorary MVP award.

XXXIII. 2012, Brat Stop, Kenosha, WI
Host: Griff Gear: Ya-hey “Got Beer” Hats, glasses Transportation: Limo by Lucian Highlights: Pre-game rendezvous was held at Harry’s Bar in Arlington Heights.

XXXIV. 2013, Professional Baseball Instruction, Barrington, IL
Host: Weezee Theme: Dodgeball Kegger Gear: Hat, pullover Highlights: Actual dodge ball tournament held on field turf in indoor training facility. Special guest was Dave Trautwein.


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