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Dave Millay Kegger 40 Video Premieres EARLY

With 25 days remaining until the 40th Annual DMK Event, Chairman Bob Volkman staged a surprise screening of the Official Video by releasing it on social media channels at 11:55am.

“We like to be a little stealth with our marketing efforts and give the boys something to look forward to,” Volkman explained about the earliest video release ever. (Actually, it might be the only video release ever.) “We decided to launch just before lunchtime when we know the fellas will be in a good mood. Lunchtime is when they’re most productive all day.”

The early release strategy promises to give media channels time to promote the event and help build buzz. “Who are we kidding?” laughed Volkman. “These guys will be plenty buzzed on September 21st. Maybe they’ll pay a little more attention today, while eating their ham sammiches and pretending to care about work.”

The video was a months-long project, directed by Oscar award-winning filmmaker, Steven Spielburp.  Musical guests include renowned Chicago Choir soprano CVZ, Bobby V on piano, Griff, Troy, Brian, Timmy, and a special crooner on harmony, performing the original song: 100 Kegs to Live.

“The production went way over budget,” confessed Volkman, declining to disclose figures. “But unlike the ‘Kegger-in-the-Black’ from a few years ago, we’re not trying to swing a profit on this one. For the 40th, we believe in brewskis over buckskis,” the bankrupt Chairman concluded.

You can enjoy the video by clicking on this link. https://vimeo.com/355590780

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